Project Runway sew-along!

Project Runway season 15 is finally on and it is time to get back to sewing. Since last year I ran out of time to actually send a good casting portfolio for Project Runway, this year I am thinking to follow all Project Runway challenges and create garments accordingly in order to find my strong designer voice and maybe discover something new about myself!


Being enthusiastic and excited about the challenge that I set for myself, I started drafting my ideas and sketching. For “Just Fab” episode the challenge was to design versatile piece of clothing for everyday woman of every shape, size, age and style. My idea was to make a utility dress of two colors and couple of bright color elements. it could be worn to work and for a casual cocktail after 5 pm. Sharp looking, yet easy to wear – it would be a winner. So inspired!

But… half way through my sewing and design process I received some bad news from work, and I had to do some problem solving, which was not a big deal, but I lost my mojo… I made a dress, and then realized that elasticated waste band does not work with my choice of fabrics. So I scratched the idea of the dress, cut it apart and made a two piece – a skirt and a top, that look nothing like the original sketch, that are absolutely basic and do not necessarily get my design vision across.

Anyway, here is my creation. I love the navy blue and salad green combination. I love the different kind of sleeve. The pop of color is there, yet is not over the top.





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