Something new, something old, something borrowed! Floral stripes

Having fun while creating is my ultimate goal! I purely believe that you won’t be able to create stunning work, whatever it is that you do, if you do not experience joy before the start of the process, during and at its very completion. It is hard to do, even with your most favorite things in the world. Losing “sewing mojo” is easy, we all know that, but sometimes little tips and tricks can help! Read on to discover my latest project and what to do to find your “sewing mojo” again.

  5. SEW

 NUMBER ONE and NUMBER TWO. Since I am mastering my capsule closet I do clean out quite often in both of my closest: regular one and my fabric stash closet. If you are a seamstress –  then I know you have a stash of fabric somewhere. So go ahead and clean it out! Set aside things that you won’t wear again, got through your fabric and refresh in your mind what do you have on hand. It often helps me to remember what fabric I have and what can I apply to future projects. For this blouse I set aside a store bought blue floral print blouse that I knew I won’t wear again, but the fabric was way too gorgeous to part if it that easily.

NUMBER THREE. Inspiration also needs time and place –  don’t forget about that. Plan on finding your inspiration, and it can be easily done by using couple of widely available resources like pinterest, Instagram, blogs, sewing magazines and fashion TV shows, Project Runway for example. I often create collages and my own mood boards for inspiration, to help me organize my thoughts.

NUMBER FOUR. Sketching… some sewing enthusiasts do and some don’t. I have always believed that organized mind has more space for creativity, therefore I definitely need to sketch, make a list or do some sort of idea-organizing. Next to my sketch I will often attach couple of fabric swatches, to remind me of my fabric selection and also couple of pictures of patterns that I might use for it.

NUMBER SEW!!! Finally, getting to the core. To rephrase a well known saying: “You won’t SEW until you try!”. To find your sewing mojo you definitely need to get yourself behind that sewing machine, thread up and ready to go. Get your favorite music playlist on and don’t stop until your imagination comes live in that next fabulous hand-made garment of yours!!!

As for my latest project – it has something new, something old and something borrowed. I already wore this blouse 3 times within last week, and I am very happy that it served as a way of finding my sewing mojo, again!

Something new: navy blue fabric

Something borrowed: I cut up store bought blue floral print blouse

Something old: I had this purple and orange floral print fabric form Jo-Ann’s for quite some time





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