My NEW Starbucks wardrobe with FREE pattern

Happy news were received couple of months ago for all Starbucks partners, and some customers as well. Starbucks introduced NEW dress code! 20 years later and what used to be only black or white polo shirt can now be navy blue, black, white, grey and even stripes and small prints! So exciting, especially for those Starbucks baristas that sew (I am pretty sure I am not the only one). As a store manager – you are the person who should embrace the change, lead by example and make the most out of it. This dress code change means one thing for me – more self-expression in my hand-made wardrobe!

This “sailor shirt” as my husband calls it, is made out of soft jersey that I picked up at Wal-Mart the other day, during my fabric haul.

FEATURES: it features “ruffle” shoulder, 3/4  sleeve and a soft elastic waist that makes it a more feminine and flattering shape for my figure. It features raw edges that I serged with black thread, to give a bit more contrast, and some extra element.


PATTERN: I used a free pattern of YORK shirt from SEAMWORK magazine. The original pattern features tie-back, which I removed since I used stretch jersey. Back opening was not necessary. I also would like to make a small note about sizing, size 6 was a little too large for me, I had to cut away an inch from both sides, so that it would not be so baggy. The original pattern does not have the elastic waist band either, but I wanted to add this simple element for interest.


SLEEVES: for the ruffle sleeve I used half circle pattern for each of the shoulders, you can decide how big you want ruffle to be, depending on your taste and extravagance levels 🙂

So, what do you think?





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