My favorite FREE blouse pattern

Hello, sewcialists!

Sewing is exciting, but can quickly get expensive if you count the price of the pattern, fabric and notions. I use each pattern at least twice, but I have couple of free patterns that I love using on a regular basis. Majority of free patterns are either very simple, or boxy, but this one if feminine and never failed me on the fit. The only modification that I always make is the sleeve part, I add a band and gather the end of the sleeve or I add the elasticated band to gather it up, since I am not a big fan of bell shape.



I love wearing this blouse, it is suitable for work and for the night out, you can dress it up and down. This time I paired it with black blazer, jeans and boots.

FABRIC: vintage rayon that I got on Ebay – 1, 1/3 yd

PATTERN: get your FREE Lottie blouse pattern here

MODIFICATIONS: I always add a band at the end of the sleeve and I gather it, I am not a fan of the bell sleeve shape





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