Pillow talk + origami pocket

Recently at work we went through nomination process for Partner of the Quarter! One of my shift supervisors won this award and so it happens that all the birthday and other gifts I prepare for my team members – are handmade. Without long considerations I started wondering what should I make to celebrate the distinctive award! I glanced over to my laundry pile and noticed that one of the holiday red aprons that I had was ruined on the left side by the leaking sharpie (happens a lot), so I decided to utilize the right side of the apron for some craft project!




Pillow idea was a no-brainer! It is approx. 15″ long and 15″ wide, which makes for a perfect size throw pillow. Nothing too bulky, nothing too small. And a nifty pocket on the front of the pillow allows you to put a little gift or a greeting card in, or candy! Whatever your heart desires.

A week later on of my baristas was celebrating his Birthday, so I decided to repeat the success with the Starbucks apron pillow and make an origami pocket pillow!

HOW TO ORIGAMI: the useful tutorial on how to craft origami pocket is right here on sanaeishida.com

SUGGESTIONS: helpful suggestion – make the pocket out of the fabrics that fold and iron well. I tried a lightweight polyester with no success… that was discouraging. I used cotton for my origami pocket and it worked out perfectly!

HOW TO MAKE A PILLOW: making pillow is very easy, bit for those who are just starting on this path, take a look here for some useful tutorials

This pillow features same dimensions as the Starbucks pillow and I hope that it was equally liked as well 🙂





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