#Make Nine 2017

#MakeNine movement is getting stronger and stronger, and I think it is a fabulous way to visualize what it is that you want to make within this next year! This year I am aiming for a simplified, yet elegant, versatile “French” capsule wardrobe. I am not getting rid of all of my evening dresses and business clothing, in case it comes handy in the future, but I am surely downsizing my chic casual side of the wardrobe.


I have sorted out everything that needs to go, I have made a box for donations and now I have made up my mind for what I need to sew within this year to get a complete capsule wardrobe that I strive for.

Here is my #MakeNine2017 vision board, however I might still play around with color palette. I love the shades of pink and rose, however I found it to be not so practical and…sometimes too soft. Rose color is definitely a must, I ma just not sure in what kind of amount.

SO, 2 tops, 1 blouse, 1 jacket, 2 sweaters, 1 dress and 2 pairs of pants.

About the dress, I might separate and make it into a two piece – top and skirt, for added versatility, so that skirt could be worn with other tops and blouse, maybe even a sweater. When I love my clothing, I want to wear it all the time, and it would be a shame to limit one of these choices.



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