Asymmetric jacket – #make nine 2017

I am showing off my new asymmetric jacket, that is the main star of my capsule wardrobe while we are here, in Pigeon Forge, closing on a house! The weather is beautiful and everything that is green is starting to wake up! I love wearing this jacket, it is easy to pair with the rest of my limited wardrobe, it is business and casual all in one, wear it closed or opened – many possibilities for versatile use! Just as anyone, when I sew –  I want to make the most out of the clothes I create.


4 flower jacket

3 jacket cover

The weather in Tennessee is bit windy and definitely much different from Las Vegas, so before we left I had a clear goal to make simple, yet comfortable jacket with an interesting kick. I wanted asymmetric jacket for the longest time, but for some reason never had the guts or time to do one, more so – I did not want to deal with the lining.

FABRIC: This fabric I bought at Walmart some time ago, and the initial thought was to make a sturdy tote out of it. I think it is some type of upholstery fabric, probably cotton. Since the fabric was so thick and sturdy, which allowed it to easily hold shape, – I decided to not to opt for a lining and make it and easy and quick DIY project.

PATTERN: I used a very simple zipper knit jacket pattern from Burda Style 08/2011 and modified it for an asymmetric lapel, that I saw how to do at Papavero – here. I had juuuust enough fabric to do a 3/4 sleeves and that asymmetric lapel I wanted. There was literally no scraps left after this project, which is a different experience for a change! 🙂

SEWING: I used serger for the inside and outside seams and white thread blended in perfectly, so even inside this jacket looks good! Over all, sewing was a breeze, BUT you have to was this kind of fabric for sure before sewing, if you aren’t doing this already. As I estimated – this fabric would shrink, and it did, therefore it is a good call out if you want to fit in your final product 🙂 If you do not have serger, it might be a little challenging to work with this fabric, since it frays like cra-z-z-z-z-y!120a_technical_large

My #makenine2017 was this lovely collection of inspiration, and this jacket would be the bottom right, in blue houndstooth and with only ONE asymmetrical  lapel. Well, after all…it was just an inspirational board 😀 I also added one snap button, to have an option of closed jacket or open front jacket. As you see it came in handy in this Tennessee weather!

Hope you enjoy! Cheers!


6 jacket

5 jacket back

1 jacket


2 thoughts on “Asymmetric jacket – #make nine 2017

  1. It looks really great! Good to know sergers help with fabrics that fray, I have had a lot of issues with fraying fabric… I tried to fix it by applied bias to all of my seams from now on but my new problem is very bulky seams! Looks like a serger might be the way to go!


    1. Thank you, Clemence! I hate bulky seams, and serger will definitely help, since bias tape adds a lot of volume, also, before I had serger I used narrow zigzag stitch on my sewing machine to keep seams in tact. Maybe this comes in handy! 🙂

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