I am back on the sewing track! MMM’17 Day 1

mmmay17-D1.off.coverI guess it has been awful quiet here!!! There is a good reason for that –  we have just moved into our first house in Smoky Mountains, in Tennessee. Kudos to us, because it was A JOURNEY, indeed. Almost for two months we were sorting things out that came our way and finally we own this beauty! We now live in a company of many talkative birds and some greedy squirrels 🙂

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Nearest future plans include growing tulips, fabric marbling and of course – sewing!

After having a sewing break for almost 2 months I feel kind of rusty. Knitting took the place of sewing, since it was so much easier to transport 2 knitting needles and a little bit of yarn. To be honest, if I could, I would not part away from my sewing machine for a  single day… I would rather give up all make up for a month, or chocolate… well, you get the picture.

So we finally moved in, and the house is emptier than empty. The room that has been designated for “ART ROOM” does not even have a table. All our stuff is supposed to arrive from Vegas in next 2-3 weeks, which is a very long term and I am in desperate need for some clothes and craft time.

I have been wearing the same super small capsule wardrobe for past 2 months and I think everybody at works started to notice that 😀

So, it is simple yet versatile and somewhat charming – striped blouse with navy front yoke and gathered waste that provide little peplum bottom.

Fabric: had no time to explore local fabric shops, so this striped cotton and navy polyester is from Wal-mart for $3 per yard each, which is a good deal in my book

Pattern: basic shell top pattern that I altered for the front yoke and peplum

Additional comments: it is so hard to work without serger!!! Once you get a serger you get so spoiled. Narrow zigzag stitching definitely takes a little more time, but is so rewarding at the end of the day Happy to be sewing again!






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