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„Go-ask-Alisa” has been started in early 2009 as a project for my university studies of Communication and Journalism. It was meant to feature every bit of my life: traveling, working, style and relationship.

But as every other meaningful thing it grew in something bigger. It became a source of inspiration for others and a mentoring tool for my friends. As for myself: a timeline of achievements in life. In 2010 I decided to go for a gap year to find my „blessings” and figure out my path. Since then I have been mostly off-line due to my traveling plans, intensive work and non-stop life, which was challenging me in every possible way.

As for now, I welcome my blog back on board and I expect my readers to truly enjoy it. It is a new and fresh beginning, brand new kind of me. I recreated this blog to be a go-to-girl for those who need a bit of advice, some useful hint and maybe a helping hand. Use it as a source of creative inspiration, for your daily affirmations and to fall in love with your beautiful self.

Little every day projects, personal experience and useful information – everything to make you feel comfy in this big wide world. Learn to love your life one step at a time with go-ask-Alisa!

I warmly welcome You on the pages of this blog!


Want to drop me a line or two? Sure, feel free to find me on Facebook, or email is also good to use – alisa.sibrova@gmail.com

Where have you traveled?

Too many places to name all, but I can point out the main ones. So, are you ready? USA, Mexico, Panama Canal, Aruba, Caribbean, US Virgin islands, Portugal, Canary Islands, Madeira, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Gibraltar, Monaco, Spain, Belgium, Colombia, Costa Rica, Norway, Finland, Russia, Baltic states, Sweden, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, France, Luxemburg… and many, many other places.

How long have you been doing “Go Ask Alisa”?

I started the project in 2009 and then took a pause when I went on my gap year adventures. Now I do it all over again, fresh start – fresh beginning.

Who is behind the “Go Ask Alisa” project?

All in all it is my own child (if you can call it so). Every day I start from scratch, with new ideas to deliver, with new material to develop. Of course I do have a strong support from my husband-to-be Jared, and my friends do enlighten me occasionally with some new ideas. Apart from that I do invite guest authors if I find myself being interested in certain person out there.

What is the main focus of “Go Ask Alisa”?

Well, there are 5 main categories included in this project (I should stop saying “project”, it is my personal blog after all): I was here, DIY, Dressing up, Catching up and Today is The Day. Each of them has its own unique idea and target. I do like everything to be sorted out and organized, so you will find it easy navigating around my blog.

How did you travel?

In several ways: partly when I was still in high school I used to buy cheap flight tickets and travel on my own around Europe. God, I was 16 and 17 then, should have been a brave girl. Hitch-hiking, hostels and new friends – everything would do in order to feed my travel hunger. Then, later on, I did a couple of my internships that led me to the United States and I explored the country coast to coast. After that I joined as a crew aboard one of the famous British fleet ships – Queen Victoria. That was an amazing opportunity to see the most fascinating places and corners of the world. And, of course, Jared and I am very keen on traveling – we explored Russia and Europe together.


– that is always the question. Why am I doing that? First of all, I truly believe that if you’re a bright person then traveling brings a special twist of wisdom and education into your life. I believe that you can gain a lot by exploring other cultures: you get your eyes opened, your heart becomes a bit more understanding and world does not look as flat shaped as it did before.

How do you stay positive and motivated?

Very personal question, if to be honest. There are several things that bring joy into my life, but I should say that it was a hard work to change my “ordinary” view of life into something more perspective than that.

How to break out of your comfort zone?

Oh, I am the right person to ask. I think most of the times I actually am out of my comfort zone and it almost seems more comfy for me then regular state. Anyway, they say “Freedom starts where your comfort zone ends”. If you are eager to explore yourself more – then breaking out is a must. Also you will never know until you try to, and I believe it is better later than never. Once you start experiencing new horizons you will get into taste of it and “breaking out of the comfort zone” will come naturally.

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  1. Wonderful; University Project became part of life; that is exactly how creativity works and large figures of science made discoveries or in any research field or other field !!!


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