Painted Ballerina DIY

I must admit: I have not painted in a while, but this quick and easy ballerina DIY is perfect to put you back in the artistic mode. Bonus point: if you’re sewing, it will also help utilize some of your fabric scraps, so it is a win-win. You can also use this idea for  greeting … Continue reading Painted Ballerina DIY


     Let’s face it, if you sew and when you sew – everyone around you knows that. I plead guilty! I, personally can’t help myself to keep quiet when I have made something new! That being said, everyone knows that a needle and a thread in your hands is like magic in Harry Potter movies, so why not try … Continue reading DIY MOTHER’S DAY CARD

Me Made May #2

        Who said that professional wardrobe should be boring? Even with color palette consisting out of black, grey and white you can create beautiful and modern work outfit. Continuing Me Made May marathon this outfit is dedicated to those days at work. Since summer is almost here I decided to use this beautiful stretch cotton with … Continue reading Me Made May #2