DIY: The best New York cheesecake. Secrets revealed.

Did I promise you cheesecake? Yesterday? After my mini-resolutions statement? Well, once said – should be done. Welcome, the one and only – New York cheesecake! Lets start with the crust. I like it to be really crispy and with a bit of a twist. Over my cheesecake practice I can honestly say: you can …


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I was here: Crazy Aruba

I remember the day: million miles away from home, early in the morning I woke up…somewhere in the Caribbean. Guess what?! Happy I was to visit Aruba. I believe Your first thoughts about Caribbean are: “Wow, beaches, buzz and parties!”. I am sorry to say, but You are so WRONG. Yes, it forms biggest part … Continue reading I was here: Crazy Aruba

Dressing up: for London

One of the all-time fashion magazine editors-in-chief said: ” Once you have your heels on and the best looking dress you could possibly have, suddenly, all world looks different. It starts to respond, sympathize and adore you! Suddenly life seems so easy-breezy and you’re ready to fall in love”. Fair enough to say that it … Continue reading Dressing up: for London