Let’s DO this!

Something short (almost too short), motivating and moving for Wednesday write-in here  For more postcards from around the world click here Prompts: mistake  ::  baggage  ::  curlew  ::  tear  ::  shatter         When the clock strikes eighteen – it is time to go. No matter what they say, or how it is supposed to be … Continue reading Let’s DO this!

Grandma will be proud and that is all that matters!

More of a personal essay for this Wednesday write-in. Childhood memories. porcelain  ::  flex  ::  shadow  ::  strawberry jam  ::  frozen           We all have different perception of pride and achievements. At this very point of my life, right at this moment, while my mandarin orange marmalade is boiling down, I know that my grandma … Continue reading Grandma will be proud and that is all that matters!

Postcards from around the world. Important reason to smile is enclosed.

         “No matter where I might be I am thinking of you, therefore I am sending you this postcard” – that’s what the postcard is for me. And I believe for my 22 years long life I have sent over 200 postcards from around the world to dozens of people. How cool is that to be in Europe and receive a postcard from Virgin Islands or Costa Rica?

               Two days ago I received a Christmas postcard  from my high school fellow and it indeed brought back all the wonderful memories of my gap year journey. It is not only about where do you travel, but mostly how you remember that place. World is a magical place with so many secrets to explore, so keep on going and never stop!

Postcards 2
From Yana Titova. Christmas mail

                Right now I am stretched between UK and USA, and will remain being in-between for couple of months more. If you would like to receive a postcard from me – with the biggest pleasure I will send a reason to smile to you! Let me know, facebook me (Alisa Sibrova) or let me know by dropping an email at alisa.sibrova@gmail.com

               Below you will find showcase consisting of postcards from my own collection from the places that I have been to. Enjoy!

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