Quick art showcase

      A quick art work showcase of what I have created over past months. Click on the link below to read related blog article and enjoy! Remember: being creative is not a crime!          Blue peacock                                                    Flower Fantasy          Bare bottoms welcomed here!                Sea and shells for your bathroom Continue reading Quick art showcase

Late night art: flower fantasy

SAM_1313             Around a month ago I have sent my significant other (and it’s complicated now) a parcel. Amongst art canvas, that I have worked on for our house, I have sent an empty one, with only background painted and a note, saying that I can’t seem to find any inspiration to continue painting.

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DIY: “If a messy kitchen is a happy one, then ours is delirious!”

        So… moms, ladies and girls! You have probably experienced those moments, when you walk into the kitchen when you’re significant other is in the middle of something, and you secretly wish you would have never seen THIS mess. He, I am happy to say that it happens to me every time, and no matter … Continue reading DIY: “If a messy kitchen is a happy one, then ours is delirious!”

DIY: Peacock canvas

        Well, it has been long time since getting back from U.S.A, dragging along some pretty annoying jet-lag and couple of things to sort out. I am all settled back on the royal land and before I post some of the trip reviews from the land of stars and stripes let me treat you with … Continue reading DIY: Peacock canvas