Let’s DO this!

Something short (almost too short), motivating and moving for Wednesday write-in here  For more postcards from around the world click here Prompts: mistake  ::  baggage  ::  curlew  ::  tear  ::  shatter         When the clock strikes eighteen – it is time to go. No matter what they say, or how it is supposed to be … Continue reading Let’s DO this!

Grandma will be proud and that is all that matters!

More of a personal essay for this Wednesday write-in. Childhood memories. porcelain  ::  flex  ::  shadow  ::  strawberry jam  ::  frozen           We all have different perception of pride and achievements. At this very point of my life, right at this moment, while my mandarin orange marmalade is boiling down, I know that my grandma … Continue reading Grandma will be proud and that is all that matters!

Let’s say it’s a poem!

SAM_1008     For the weekly write-in at Cake. Short and sweet – http://cakeshortandsweet.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/wednesday-write-in-64/. Something different on the poetry side, not the best one but still a poem. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading “Let’s say it’s a poem!”