Wordless Wednesday: motivation in beauty

        Very good afternoon, beautiful people! Today I have a small collection of succulent photos of flowers taken in different parts of the world. I often find my motivation and inspiration in the beauty of nature, people and world in general. Life is so beautiful, it is just the matter of finding the beauty in …


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Unexpected… from India!

So… you already know my gentle vibe towards postcards! The sentimental feeling you get every time you pull one of those out of mailbox, the excitement you feel. They capture so dearly valued memories and I could not find anything else in the world, that would be as sophisticated as postcards. Recently, couple of days … Continue reading Unexpected… from India!

My journey leftovers

     We all have our little obsessions, we are humans after all. It is considered perfectly normal to collect, to put aside, to treasure something long forgotten, useless or even broken. Why? Just a human nature, I guess. I love to travel, like a lot of you do. Millions of people around the world spend millions on … Continue reading My journey leftovers