Wedding dress DIY

 Make your own wedding gown. Part 1.

I have been doing my sewing class for the ladies that I work with for a bit now, and one of the things that I always emphasize is that any sewing project has to start with the right fabric. Wedding dress is no exception: don’t be fooled by flowing silhouette and charming skirts, underneath all that is a support construction that has to be done first and out of appropriate material.

My fabric choice: i chose burnout chiffon with suede flowers as a top material and underneath i used very stiff polyester satin. All parts of the dress were lined except for the sleeves. At first I chose to work with chiffon and aimed to make structured and pleated bodice – forget about it! I quickly realized that the silhouette and style are not working for me and that my material choice is a big and deep grave.

My pattern choice: then of course comes pattern, which you also have to consider while buying fabrics. This Burda pattern is fairly simple, but I fell in love with how elegant and humble it is. You’re showing just enough skin, the neckline is just beautiful and a sheer sleeve is adding an element of chic. Due to bodice that was constructed out of 8 pieces I estimated that I won’t need any sort of boning or other structure supporting materials as it will make my life more difficult

I also altered the bottom of the dress. I wanted wow-factor to be in the length of the gown instead of the bareness of the top, therefore I wanted some extra length on the bottom.

Construction underneath: I used  boned petticoat underneath that I ordered off Ebay. I also altered it, as I did not want the bottom to be super puffy.

This is the original dress pattern picture. As you can see, it is designed to look like two-piece. I enjoy the idea, but wanted more traditional feel of a one-piece dress. Find this pattern here.


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